Knights of Havenly

An epic NFT adventure.

Mint Genesis

What is KOH ("co")?

Knights of Havenly is an NFT collection that has many ambitious qualities and things to love about it. The setting of the play-to-earn web3 adventure takes place in “Havenly”, which is a continent in our Metaverse. Each NFT from our collection(s) grant their owner access into this immersive world of medieval fantasy & adventure. Fight evil creatures off and quest with your fellow knights in a lively environment to obtain new items which can increase the rarity of your Knight NFT as you play! KOH is centered around thoughtful storytelling, blockchain ownership, and a strong sense of community.

Mysterious Genesis Scroll

…”The last standing Knight of Havenly was an expert Elven mage who cast a spell to deliver the final blow to the King and to collect each of the fallen Knights souls and contain them into magical scrolls that would be scattered throughout the land. He did this last act so that the souls of the knights may be summoned again to protect the innocent, if ever the evil of the Elven King returned to Havenly. Whomever would discover these magical scrolls would inherit the strength of the fallen knight contained in it by reading about them. As he contained each soul, he bound the scrolls with a magic lock that can only be unlocked by the eyes of a pure heart.”…

Meet The Team


@CryptoHavenz [Founder / CEO]


@Rafagantz [Lead 3D Artist]


@BeccaBot [Community Relations]


@DragonSoul [Head of Partnerships]


@KingBishop [Networking + Outreach]


@LindsayK [Marketing + PR]


@KronicKatz [Blockchain Dev]


@Nickiminaj [Community Manager]


@Karo01 [Social Media Coordinator]

Community Moderators

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Havenly Guard

MacBain The Nub








Season 1 RoadMap

Genesis Scrolls Mint [Active]

Metaverse Prototype Video [Late May]

Mint 5,555 Knights [Early July]

Exclusive Merch Drop For Holders

Tokenomics [Early August]

IRL Event? Surprise... Surprise!

Exclusive Alpha For Holders

Staking + "Create" Platform

The Havenly Metaverse + Game [Q1-Q2, 2023]

Roadmap: Season 2 [Q3, 2023]

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What is the cost to mint?

Each Genesis Scroll costs 0.05 ETH + gas. The cost for each Knight will be announced in the coming days… stay tuned!

How do I increase my NFT's rarity score?

Each collectible item / accessory / wearable in the official game will have a rarity score attached to it, determined by how many others of that specific item are in circulation already. This means that by playing the game you can continuously achieve new heights for your NFT Knight(s). As other players play, your items may become less rare as others acquire the same ones. Giving you the chance to be a true adventurer and continue progression as a player and as an entire community.

Will there be a dedicated token (coin)?

Yes, we absolutely have a native cryptocurrency dedicated to the KOH economy in the pipeline. Details surrounding the network, exact utility, and holder distribution behind this coin will be elaborated on in the future. We will NOT do a surprise drop, you’ll have plenty of information prior to release. It’s important to know that a specific amount WILL be allocated to all holders.

How will the game / Metaverse work?

The game is being built in UE5 with blockchain integrations to support all of the web3 aspects of P2E, ownership of your items, land that produces collectable resources, and P2P marketplaces. Fun stuff!

Am I required to play the game to earn?

No. You can have someone else play for you, just like owning an NFL team and recruiting the best players to represent your team for you.

Have more questions?

Head over to our live “Knight Paper” document, it’s our take on a classic whitepaper document.